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RMTeK is about to be involved in a monitoring and observation project in the Gwydir Wetlands.  This work will involve placing a number of RMCam units for long-term and short-term observation of wetland health and bird populations.

The Gwydir Wetlands is a Ramsar site covering in excess of 800 hectares of the larger Gwydir Wetlands complex. The wetlands are located across a number of properties west of Moree in north-western New South Wales.

The Gwydir Wetlands is an important waterbird breeding area. Because major wetlands within the Basin rarely flood simultaneously, it takes on special importance as a refuge for waterbirds when other wetlands are dry. Approximately 500,000 birds were recorded in Gwydir Wetlands in 1998

The pictures below show a section of the Gwydir wetland during an extended period of low inflows and the same shot one week after a water flow into the system.  To keep up with RMTeK's Environmental Monitoring activities feel free to subscribe for updates (on left) as they become available.




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