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RMTeK has developed an industrial grade solar monitoring solution that operates over wireless communication networks.  Offering vision, data acquisition, switching and control across serial, analogue and digital protocols, RMCam provides the answer for those operations that need to know what is happening in remote worksites.  

The system returns all images and data to a centralised storage environment so that all information collected is held securely off-site with full storage and data integrity.  Sites that require monitoring in the most remote locations can install RMCam to provide real-time alerts via SMS and emails to company representatives, or, IP alerts compliant with security company bureaus and control rooms can be sent from the remote site so that the sensor data and images can be integrated into company systems.

The technology can be mains powered and operate across conventional Ethernet cabled or equally, WiFi networks.  One of RMCam’s great advantages is that when the location has no power or communication wires, the solution will deliver real-time images and data seamlessly and cost effectively.  

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