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For the construction and mining industry, RMCam makes it possible for firms to achieve high levels of control and quality assurance in the most remote locations. 

This capacity fosters the development of new systems for organising collaborative input into projects and raises the information levels and transparency of projects.  Specific applications that are available on the system include:

•    Access control
•    Depot security
•    Environmental monitoring and weather stations
•    Fuelling station security and record of activity
•    Flow monitoring of pipelines
•    Occupational Health and Safety monitoring
•    Monitoring of working machinery, conveyer belts
•    Remote control of pumps, switches and solenoids
•    Perimeter Security

RMCam improves productivity and offers significant gains in efficiency through time savings and reduced travel costs. 

Improved business information and decision making systems provide a platform for innovation and complementary technologies and positions users to take advantage of developing innovations within their sector.

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