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Keeping an Eagle Eye on Roads



Working alongside the crew from Boylan Group, RMtek have released to market the Boylan Eagle Eye Camera to fit to Variable Message Signs (VMS) in the road infrastructure hire business.  This exciting development means that road authorities across the country can now see just what is happening in the remote locations where VMS are located.  This has the potential to create large time and cost savings associated with how the roadways are managed.



Boylan Group were approached by a state road authority who were looking for a way to manage the diversions of traffic during special events and on public holidays.  They needed the ability to make real-time assesments of the traffic flows and build-up at locations on the road network where they were using VMS to advise the travelling public of changing traffic conditions. 



RMTeK and Boylan Group released the Boylan Eagle Eye VMS Camera system.  Eagle Eye lets road administrators see what is happening on site without the need to have staff travel to the location.  This allows for a constant watch on the site where traffic has the potential to build-up so that shift supervisors can make assessments and adjust VMS messages with full knowledge of the situation in the remote location.  Additionally, the Eagle Eye system can include other technology on board: Weather and environmental sensors, visibility sensors, motion sensing and a range of additional inputs are readily available for the system.




Road authorities now have a cost effective way of keeping a watch on situations where they have traditionally had to send-in staff.  The benefits that come from an Eagle Eye deployment are many and varied.  The primary savings in cost and time associated with VMS site management see the solution paying for itself very quickly.  The availability of real-time monitoring of the remote site further affords supervision for OH&S management and also allows the authority to be responsive to the conditions as they change. 




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