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RMTeK supply switching and control solutions that enable SMS and web control of lighting systems on council controlled sporting fields and open space.  Using the system means that instead of issuing keys to lighting boxes, council registers mobile phone numbers for sporting club representatives (and council staff) so that the clubs simply SMS the lights to turn them on and off.  The system is highly configurable to easily manage different situations such as the changeover stage where one club finishes training and a new club starts. 

Alongside lighting control, automating management systems for irrigation can drastically reduce staff time in having to travel to the fields to monitor and manage the process.  As a result, irrigation timing is more accurate and will assist with improving water use efficiency.

The core of the RMTeK system is an industrial controller with an integrated (on-board) GSM or Next G network module for communications.  Designed as an expandable system, the primary controller can manage any number of lighting control points.Where an irrigation controller is installed at the site, the system manages all incoming and outgoing communication for the controller.

The system’s primary controller is built as an integrated unit, complete with power supply and manual over-ride switches to enable manual operation of each individual controlled function if required. The controller is housed in a rugged 400 x 400 mm galvanised steel enclosure and is suited to be either pole mounted or wall mounted depending on the location of the existing lighting control point.

RMSCADA Secondary Controller
Some park sites have more than one lighting control point. Often these locations are a considerable distance apart, and the trenching of wiring is not a viable option. To address this issue, the Primary RMSCADA controller has an optional radio module to enable local communication with one or more secondary controllers located at the park site.
The secondary controllers have the same hardware and build design as the primary controller but are fitted with the radio module only, to provide communication with the primary unit.




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