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RMTeK - Dynamic Business Magazine

RMTek is highlighted as one of two companies in the March 2010 edition of Dynamic Business Magazine.  The business publication points to environmental savings that are attributable to the use of remote monitoring technologies.



Technology companies are playing a
big role in looking after the planet in
Australia, from improving packaging
to making unnecessary travel a thing
of the past and cutting carbon footprints.


The tyranny of distance in Australia is being challenged by a
business in Armidale that has blended four state-of-the-art
technologies to create an innovative green solution.

Using sensors, powerful wireless connectivity, solar panels
and cloud computing, RMTeK Pty Ltd has created RMCam, a
green, cost-effective solution to monitor sites or assets through
photography or telemetry data anywhere in Australia that has
Telstra Next G network coverage.

"The scope of what can be achieved with these four elements
is massive. lt can free people from so many mundane tasks.
essentially what we are offering is a remote, easy-to-operate brain
in the field," says Brendan Doyle, founder and managing director.

In environmental terms, this means reduced travel for people
needing to check sites, no need for power or grid connections on
site because of the solar panels, and no need for communications
cables thanks to the wìreless broadband. All RMCams and data
are also accessed through the cloud, meaning less need for the
duplication of servers and other hardware on the client side.

One company using this technology is the Australian Rail Track
Corporation, which has installed remote cameras, attached to
motion sensors, on sections of its track to check for rock falls.
A businessman who is building apartments in Narrabri has set
up a remote camera on an eight-metre pole to monitor the building
site and a table for the workers to lay the plans out so he can
discuss them from his office on the mobile phone, saving him a
six-hour round trip. Gosford Council uses RMCam to monitor the
quality of the local water flows and weather conditions, with MSS
or email alerts if the sensors are triggered.

"All the technology we are using is going to improve
exponentially in the coming years. For a sunburnt, low-density
country like Australia, the possibilities are endless, " says Doyle.




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