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Water Use Technology Funding Announcement

RMTeK has been successful in a gaining funding from the NSW Department of Industry and Investment for Water Use Efficiency development work.

The press release from Minister Ian Macdonald was made on the 31st January, 2010


The NSW Government is supporting the commercialisation of water efficiency technology developed locally by a group of former University of New England researchers, Minister for Regional Development, Ian Macdonald said today.

Mr Macdonald said the researchers had set up a company, RMTeK Pty Ltd to commercialise and sell the remote monitoring technology they have developed.

“It’s great to see the knowledge developed at one of our top universities come to fruition in a product with commercial applications which can also create jobs in regional NSW,” Mr Macdonald said.

“RMTeK believes the technology can be easily replicated at other sites as businesses that use irrigation begin to adopt the system.

“Up to sixty new jobs could result from this project over the next three years. These jobs range from developers and systems engineers, to jobs in installation and maintenance, as well as sales and support.”

Mr Macdonald said RMTeK will receive assistance through the Water Adjustment Innovation Fund to establish a demonstration farm near Bourke that will show how their remote water monitoring equipment is used.

“The company developed a system that uses Telstra’s Next G network to aggregate and centralise data on water use. The demonstration farm will showcase this process and it is anticipated that the farm will create wider take-up of the technology.

“The system could be particularly beneficial to large irrigators where data has to be gathered and assessed across a wide geographical area. It will help farmers to identify and make improvements in their water use.”

Mr Macdonald said improved efficiency in water use, particularly with large irrigators, can help to sustain jobs in the Northern Inland’s agriculture and agrifood industries.

“RMTeK’s system improves upon existing technologies for monitoring water efficiency on large scale irrigation properties. By encouraging water efficiency, this technology can help to make these businesses more sustainable.

“The technology has support from industry, research organisations and government, namely Clyde Agriculture, the University of New England and the Western Catchment Management Authority.”

Mr Brendan Doyle, Director of RMTeK said the NSW Government’s assistance will help the company to take the next step in commercialising this system.

“The NSW Government’s support will have a significant impact on our business and a positive flow-on effect to farming businesses that need to make water efficiencies as a whole.”

RMTeK Pty Ltd is being assisted by Industry & Investment NSW through its Water Adjustment Innovation Fund which is part of the NSW Government’s $85 million Building the Country package.

For more information on Industry & Investment NSW’s programs, visit   www.business.nsw.gov.au/region




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