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RMTeK - Off With The Birds!!

RMTeK has been working closely with the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water to roll out a number of monitoring sites where real-time and stored scheduled images of birds in RAMSAR Wetlands are available to stakeholders.  These sites have no power or hard wied communication links, RMTeK utilse Telstra's Next G network and solar power, all on board their self-contained unit.

The images below were captured 4 months ago, for more recent images and a full description of the sites please contact the RMTeK office on 02 6771 4798 or email info@rmtek.com.au


The RMCam was deployed on RMTeK's unique "Wetland Mounting System".  The system has allowed the Department to locate the monitoring equipment in meters of water in the most remote of locations.  At the end of the breeding cycle or water flow event, the Department will be able to simply remove the equiopment and re-deploy to other areas of their business.  The picture below is of the RMCam at Narran Lake showing the monitoring equipment and the Wetland Mounting System.  For more information contact the RMTeK office on 02 6771 4798 or email info@rmtek.com.au







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