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The challenges associated with managing feral animal populations on public and private property can benefit greatly from the application of remote monitoring.  RMTeK has solutions for notifying resource managers of when animals are in trap yards with motion sensors.  The system can provide images of the feral animals in time patrol periodically, or in real-time over the Internet.

The benefits from remote monitoring include:

Labour saving – allows staff productivity increases
Vehicle operation cost savings – reduces trips to the trap sites
Occupational Health and Safety – less staff time in vehicles
Frequent Checking – instead of spending more to see a situation less often, talk to RMTeK.
Remote switching – Close gates over the web – from anywhere in the world.  Turn water on and off or dispense feed.


With RMTeK solutions you can see, measure and control by remote control.  When you are using RMTeK solutions, you are Online: In Control!




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