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The RMTeK data management platform is an open standard technology which will facilitate the connection to highly specialised sensors.  The technology is capable of backward integration to receive data from serial and analogue sensors and devices, as a result it is possible to increase the reporting frequency and it follows; usefulness of existing or legacy infrastructure in an IP data framework.

A weatherstation linked to frost monitoring equipment at a New England vinyard

Pulse-flow meter
The installation of a pulse-flow meter enables clients to log on and monitor irrigation water usage. The flow-meter also allows for the monitoring of leaks within the irrigation system.

The pulse-flow meter is typically installed in a valve box on the outlet pipe close to the irrigation header tank. Usually the meter being used does not require any power.  Communication from the pit will be via hard wiring to the irrigation controller if close by. If not, a radio is fitted to the meter to transmit flow data to the primary controller.

Daylight Sensor
Daylight sensors can be fitted where clients prefer control of lighting based on dusk to dawn operation. Daylight sensors are often used in the control of amenities buildings with security lighting.

Rain Sensor
Rain sensors can be used in conjunction with the RMSCADA primary controller to monitor and record rainfall. Where a tip-spoon rain gauge is used, the RMSCADA controller has the ability to assess and report rainfall. Irrigation schedules can be set to automatically adjust where a rainfall event has occurred. If for example, 25mm of rain has been recorded as falling within a 24 hour period prior to an irrigation cycle; the cycle can automatically be skipped.

Electric Door Strike
Where a primary controller is mounted to a building, scheduled access control can be provided. The fitting of electric door strikes to the toilets and change rooms will allow scheduled operation of the locks. Reed switches can be fitted to the door frame to verify the door is closed at the time of locking. If the door has not closed to a locked state, an SMS or email alarm can be sent.

A pull-sensor for detecting movement in cables connected to trap fences with rock-fall risk.

Analouge slip sensor used to detect movements in railway tracks over time.




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