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As the costs associated with monitoring remote assets and situations that fall under council responsibility increase, councils are looking for ways of saving staff time and vehicle expenses.  RMTeK Pty Ltd has developed a solution that will assist with reducing overheads and increasing productivity.  RMCam is a solution that lends itself to those situations where traditional CCTV is difficult to deploy. With no requirement for power or communication wiring, RMCam lets you place Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras wherever you need them with little in the way of infrastructure.

Addressing the need for positive motion activated triggering of images, alarms and recorded messages, RMCam can be deployed with infrared and point-to-point motion detection up to 75 metres connected directly to the camera unit.   Covert motion detection can also trigger image capture in situations totally removed from the camera using spread spectrum communication.

The company is currently working with Gosford City Council in monitoring remote stream flows in the upper reaches of the City’s catchment.  Using state-of-the-art Solar IP Camera installations that communicate wirelessly, council is now receiving images and weather station data on a daily basis, eliminating the 30 kilometre drive to the site.  The system can equally be used to monitor skate parks, recycling depots, causeways, all without the need for power and wires. 



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