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Case Study - Remote Wetland Vision and Data



Time-lapse video of Glossy Ibis in the Telephone Bank RAMSAR Wetland (Below this case study)

When faced with the issue of how to keep an eye on remote sections of the Telephone Bank Wetland, local landholders and resource managers Michael Spinks, Frank Old and Steve Blore from the Lowbidgee district at Balranald contacted RMTeK.  With the assistance of the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water, an RMCam was delivered and subsequently installed in October 2010.




The airial shot below shows the wetland complex at the site where the RMCam is situated.  The unit can be seen as a white mark in the middle of the photo.  The following photo is a shot from the centre zoomed-in.  Clearly, the situation could not be more remote with access only available by boat.



The RMCam was deployed on RMTeK's unique "Wetland Mounting System".  The system has allowed for the location of the monitoring equipment in meters of water.  At the end of the breeding or water flow event, it will be a simple process to remove the equiopment and re-deploy to other areas as required.



The installation of the RMCam unit into the Telephone Bank wetland has provided the opportunity for landholders, researchers and Departmental staff to access stored and real-time vision from the site.  One of the major benefits associated with the installation has been the ability to keep a close watch on the area without the time and cost of travelling to site.  The video's below show time lapse imagery of the site. Importantly, real-time viewing and captured image storage are possible without the need for people to be on-site while these images are being captured.





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