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Case Study: Monitoring Floodwater



See video of the January floods north of Goondiwindi.  (below this case study)

In partnership with the Boylan Group – www.boylan.net.au – RMTek have developed the Eagle Eye Roadside Monitoring Camera and Level Sensor to track the behaviour of floodwater at critical points in the road network using the Telstra Next G network to deliver real-time data and images.  The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (QDTMR) had a range of locations in their network that were difficult to monitor because of the distance from base and the lack of access to the sites when floodwaters were rising.  



Approximately 40 km north of Goondiwindi on the Gore and Leichhardt Highways, the Wyaga creek complex covers significant potions of the highways and water inundates bridge infrastructures.



The Boylan Eagle Eye Roadside Monitoring Camera and level sensor provides images and water height data in real time across Telstra’s Next G Network to the RMTeK servers.  Reports and alerts are disseminated to the QDTMR allowing for action to be taken in updating their traffic management systems.



The adoption of the solution in this instance resulted in the department having the most up-to-date information available to manage the risk associated with floodwater movement.  The ability to access the site over NextG meant that staff were not put at risk trying to physically be on-site, while the on-going cost of monitoring will be significantly reduced.






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