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Executive Oasis was established to develop and operate luxury serviced apartments around regional Australia with the primary target being travelling executives.

Apartments are already on offer in Armidale with another 70 locations selected for expansion Australia wide. A site in Narrabri is under construction and a building contractor has been hired to complete the development, which includes six separate two bedroom units.



With the Executive Oasis head office based in Armidale and the construction taking place in Narrabri, the company knew it would be impossible to make regular site visits and physical checks with a six hour round trip each time. Executive Oasis needed to find a cost effective way to regularly monitor the work being completed on site and to find a way to communicate with building contractors that would convey more information than conversations conduced by telephone. Ideally, the solution needed to be able to operate independently of services on the site, similarly it had to be completely weatherproof and ruggedized.



An RMCam was supplied by RMTeK and erected at the top of an 8 metre pole, overlooking the entire site. The RMCam industrial control unit includes a 26x optical zoom IP Camera which is now taking images of the construction site at programmed intervals. Executive Oasis can view these images online at anytime from their base in Armidale or anywhere else in the world. Whenever they are on-line with RMCam, they are in control.

Executive oasis realised that with developments commencing across a range of locations, the management and storage of images and other site data would be vastly improved if a solid method of centralising and storing data was available to their business. Again, the RMCam solution from RMTeK proved to be particularly well suited. Combined with the low infrastructure requirement - no mains power or cabled communications links, the solution Came complete with a full server-side or cloud services model of storing and retrieving images and data. This finds site information from anywhere the company undertake developments, available in real-time wherever it is needed.

The Managing Director of Executive Oasis has set a feature of their account to receive an update email with an image at 8:30am each day to ensure tradesmen are onsite and work is taking place, and then again at 5:30pm to review what work has been completed during the course of the day.



With the implementation of RMTeK, Executive Oasis can have a set of eyes on the site at all times. If a contractor calls with an issue, Executive Oasis is able to log onto the website and zoom in to see what the issue is, sometimes resulting in a fast rectification that eliminates travel time and cost. The Camera can zoom in to view a site plan that a contractor is looking at, so construction meetings can take place over the phone and with the Camera.

Executive Oasis estimate that by using RMTeK at their Narrabri site, they are saving 200 hours of travel time, 18,000km and 1,800 litres of fossil fuel, which ultimately makes a saving on the bottom line.

Aside from monetary and environmental efficiency, RMTeK has also given the Managing Director of Executive Oasis the ability to enjoy more of a work/life balance with a young family at home and peace of mind with the ability to readily monitor a construction site almost 300km away. More peace of mind comes with the security bonus that images are not stored on site but can be accessed at any time via the internet.

The Managing Director of Executive Oasis is pleased to be able to present the use of RMTeK technologies to potential investors, showcasing the professionalism and structure of the organisation. Executive Oasis intends to use RMTeK for the future development of their 70 proposed sites around regional Australia.




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