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Online: In Control.

RMTeK Pty Ltd is an Australian company delivering remote monitoring solutions to customers across a wide range of industries.  Our core products deliver vision and data in real-time from just about any situation without the need for mains power or wired communication links.

Our clients use our technologies to solve a range of challenges - from visually confirming what’s happening in the most remote of locations to controlling irrigation, lighting, power, and measurement activities such as weather stations, environmental monitoring and remotely turning on pumps, opening gates etc.  Most importantly, our solutions are truly innovative because they require no cabling for power or communication - it’s out of the box and up and running anywhere in the world within 20 minutes!

Vision and data is retrieved and organised through a secure, reliable service-based delivery model which means there is no hassles for customers needing specialised software, instead RMTeK deliver’s their information direct to the web browser wherever they are in the world.  This makes the results of remote monitoring activities simple to access and share with other people or parts of the business.

With expertise in server-based programming and enterprise database solutions, the focus and culture of RMTeK is one of delivering efficiency through innovation by using the latest advances in telecommunications and network protocols for on-line delivery to the RMTeK Platform.  For those organisations and Government departments that require integration of data into existing data platforms and specialised software, RMTeK can deliver data in a wide range of formats and has a standard application programming interface (API) from which information can be pushed to, or pulled by proprietary systems as required.  

Hardware production supports our platform activities by developing long lasting and robust design solutions that meet the challenge of the harsh and remote environments.

An Innovative Service Delivery Model

RMTeK is a “Platform Solution” meaning that we deliver images and data to clients across the internet through a server-side program or application.  This means that the most complex of tasks become simple.  A key feature of the platform is that devices deployed into remote situations automatically connect into the RMTeK platform and deliver images and data with minimal setup at the remote site.  

Ease of deployment is matched with powerful data analysis and automated responses generated by the platform.  For example, rainfall data collected in real-time on the platform can have incremental time-measurements applied to develop a measure of rainfall intensity.  In response to reaching intensity parameters, the platform can perform a range of functions including:
•    notifying a group of users
•    remotely and automatically instigating the operation of pumps, control valves etc
•    starting processes on other remote installations.

In other words, by applying logic to data received into the platform, a wide range of outcomes can be automated and monitored by users from virtually any location in Australia or across the world.

RM Cam
More Than Vision

RMCam is a world class solar and wireless remote monitoring solution that delivers state-of-the-art vision, telemetry and activity based or, change-of-state alarming services using Telstra’s Next G network.  With Australian and International Patents applied for, the primary hardware device is a durable wireless, solar powered monitoring camera and industrial grade telemetry control system.  By coupling vision with a range of telemetry and control functions, our clients perform a diverse range of tasks remotely which means saving time and expense online – it puts them back in control.

RM Scada
Data & Control

RMSCADA is the implementation of an enterprise level Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software solution for remotely monitored assets.  The RMSCADA platform provides the backbone for a powerful IP network of smart devices that automatically update data directly to the Internet where it is accessible at any time or location.  

At the firm or Department level, this represents real-time or just-in-time decision aids that stand to dramatically increase the efficiency of systems while reducing the associated overheads that normally accrue to increased information flows.  The RMSCADA Platform is an open standard technology which will facilitate the connection to highly specialised sensors.  The technology is capable of backward integration to receive data from serial and analogue sensors and devices, as a result it is possible to increase the reporting frequency and it follows; usefulness of existing infrastructure.



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